Questions & Answers

1. What is Genesis V?

2. Who will use it?

3. Is it a CASE tool?

4. Will Genesis V maintain existing applications or packages?

5. Does it produce normal code?

6. Is there a limit to the complexity of what Genesis V can write?

7. Is there a run-time overhead with Genesis V?

8. Can I adopt my own 'house-style' in generated programs?

9. Can I sell and distribute software written by Genesis V?

10. Do I still need programmers at all?

11. Am I required to adopt some strange new methodology?

12. Do I have to get the design correct 'up front'?

...   how has Genesis V moved beyond that boundary which seems to prevent other tools  from being practical in the 'real world' of application development and maintenance?

Simply because Genesis V is based on a Knowledge Based/Expert System approach and because it was itself created by an application generator...

    ... ITSELF!