Questions & Answers

4. Will Genesis V maintain existing applications or packages?


The database specifications will be derived from the Data Descriptions. The programs in the application will be extracted from the library(s) which you specify to Genesis V and, from that point on, the entire application can be maintained through Genesis V.

The management and control facilities taken for granted with the generated programs are then available across the board for the imported application, such as: documentation and notes repository, change control, task management, object where-used, object usage, relationship diagrams, input-output diagrams, program explosions and full impact analysis complete with database remapping and automatic recompiliation of impacted programs.

It will not , however, read the existing code and 'back-translate' it into a specification, so that a manually written program then becomes generatable. But it does allow you to specify any new programs to Genesis V so that it can generate them automatically and there is no mystique surrounding a generated program, so manually written programs can call generated ones and vice versa.

You can also selectively replace existing programs (as their maintenance requirement arrives) by specifying them to Genesis V and allowing it to generate them. Generally, a straightforward programin an application, such as file maintenance, can be replaced in just an hour or so. The complex programs will take longer, of course, but, usually, in far less time than it took to write the original and often in less time than it would take to modify the original.