Questions & Answers

10. Do I still need programmers at all?

Yes (and No!).

What is certain is that the ratio of systems staff to programming staff will at  least reverse.

If currently you have say 4 systems staff to 8 programmers Genesis V would enable you to double your output (or more) if you reduced this to 4 systems staff and just 1 (experienced) programmer.

'Grow' some of these programmers into analyst/programmers and your output will increase even more dramatically.  (Our own productivity is such that we can now produce applications in the same number of days as it used to take months!).

If you are prepared to work within Genesis V's styles and boundaries (which are impressively wide, even as delivered), or if you are prepared to sub-contract specialist styling and templating work to our support consultants, then it is quite practical to work without any traditional programmers at all.  This is provided you are willing to ring our technical support hot-line should you specify something which Genesis V has not yet been taught to interpret.

However, in practice, we recommend that your team has at least one person with a thorough programming background, to troubleshoot and to push Genesis V 'beyond its native limits'.