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Genesis V Systems are the UK authors of Genesis V, generally recognized as the most advanced and productive software design, construction and maintenance environment for the AS/400.

The strategic drive of the UK-based international group is to expand it's US operations.  As such, we have been actively involved in the USA since 1992 and senior resources from the UK, including the group's president and creator of Genesis V, have spent much of their time working out of their distributor's Minnesota office.

In late 1993, our board of directors made the decision to establish their own wholly owned company in the USA and began to phase out the original name Sofbro International in favor of the name Genesis V - already an internationally well known name.

Accordingly, GV Systems Inc. was incorporated at the beginning of 1994 and two of the group's three principals are now based in Minnesota.  Both GV Systems and Sofbro have traded under the name Genesis V since that time.  This change of identity was completed in 1996 when the U.K. company formally became Genesis V Systems Limited.  Both companies are sometimes referred to using the acronym GVS (where ambiguity between "product" and "company" could prevail), but known publicly as Genesis V.

A relatively small, privately held company of around twenty employees, Genesis V commands attention from such major public and private institutions by having established a reputation for delivering high quality solutions at a fraction of the cost of its competitors and providing tools which become a fundamental part of their clients' system development procedures instead of being left on the shelf.

Therefore, a significant advantage to your organization dealing with a relatively small company like Genesis V is that you will come into direct contact with the people who make the decisions regarding the future of it's products and services.

An international company, Genesis V has been providing software solutions to major corporations since 1984.  Multi-national companies such as Sears, Carlsberg, Colgate-Palmolive, Schering, Abbott, Pfizer, and Baxter form part of Genesis V's, 500 plus, international client base.

Genesis V has a history of success in developing custom software.