• Change Management
    Allocate tasks to programmers. Audit and manage the movement of changes back into production.

  • System Cross-Reference Documentation
    Program "where-used".
    File "where-used".
    Field "where-used".
    (all instantly maintained)

  • Super PDM Facilities
    Access RPG (including ILE), CL, DDS and CMD source from one list.
    Attach notes to objects.
    Superior Grouping / Filtering of programs
    Automatic Logging of Compilation / Testing

  • RPG Source Navigation Facility
      Point and Click on Source Code reveals:
        What is this file?
        What is this format?
        What is this Program?
        What is this DB / internal field?
        What is the correct END for this IF / DO etc.?
        What is the correct IF / DO etc. for this END?
        Show me this Subroutine - with F12 return.