You are probably already running your core software components, be they in-house written, software house supplied, package based or a mixture of any or all of these, yet you still enhance the functionality by amendment of the current code or writing additional "bolt-on" programs.

RevElation offers immediate productivity gains of 20% - 30% for your entire systems team. No training course is necessary, you can learn RevElation in a 30 minute telephone "walk-thru".

RevElation from Genesis V is the product of more than 15 years of Computer Aided Software Engineering research. It is packaged neatly into the productivity environment developed for PractiCASE (our world-renowned application program generator) and this gives it the control, management and productivity tools required in order to make enhancements in a short space of time and with just a small team of people. It incorporates the practical experience gained during 1997 through 1999 providing Y2K compliance services - millions of lines of code - and now includes facilities for reviewing, understanding, documenting and enhancing applications from the simple to the truly complex.

For a limited time, we will provide RevElation customers with a copy of PractiCASE, at no extra charge, together with as much telephone support is needed for your evaluation. RevElation shares the top level object management facilities with PractiCASE and this allows you to learn the object-structured principles in a straightforward, uncomplicated and stress-free environment.