Genesis V PractiCASE

This is the world's most practical and flexible application generator. It offers the IBM mid-range user the only expert system based application generator with the flexibility to adapt to any preferred design methodology or business circumstance.

PractiCASE offers a comprehensive and down-to-earth set of tools for designing, specifying and creating applications. Productivity gains are so great that you will not believe it until you see it.

PractiCASE includes a code generator capable of writing even the most complex interactive, batch or background server programs. However, it is more than just a generator, PractiCASE is a complete application design, development and maintenance productivity system that has the flexibility to adapt to your circumstances and the way you work.

PractiCASE handles your old database easily, and can be used to create enhancements that integrate seemlessly into your existing software, whatever method was used to construct it. It is certainly not a "green field only" tool.