GENESIS V runs on all models of AS/400. The programs it generates require no run time modules and perform at least as well as those written conventionally. They are well commented, structured and easy to follow.

Your ultimate insurance in the CASE race is that GENESIS V is an open system.

This architecture provides the additional benefits essential to the practical implementation of CASE in the real world e.g.:
If the source code of a generated program is changed (whether intentionally or unintentionally, "legally" or "illegally"), GENESIS V identifies it, audits it and, if the program is regenerated, reinstates it in the correct logical place in the new version of the program.

The specification is always up to date.

If you enhance the style of a program using your own in house programming expertise, you can "roll forward" this new "knowledge" into all selective future programs.

Even if you do apply programming expertise, then it is not an expense, IT IS AN INVESTMENT.

The CASE tool's authors can evolve it as fast as you, its users, can feed back your evolving requirements - together we can stay at the front of the CASE race.

The CASE race is a marathon not a sprint. CASE technology is still in its infancy. Only GENESIS V can guarantee you finish the race.

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